The story behind the name…

Frida Kahlo as Rodin’s The Thinker. Find more Thinkers in the Gallery.

  • Everyone Calls It Conspiracy

    There are no good conspiracy theories, because the basic understanding of reality that conspiracy theorists take for granted simply isn’t true. No one, “rules the world.” There are no “puppet masters” who can pull the strings and make everyone in positions of power and influence jump to their tune like puppets. The real world is much more complicated than that and these posts help expose the flawed logic and misdirection behind conspiracy theories, as well as the harm that such thinking causes.
  • Print the Legend

    The meaning of people and events is often lost in the retelling of stories, or commonly accepted “facts.” Such distortions are inevitable, but that doesn’t mean they need to be passively accepted. These posts explore some of the myths and misconceptions that have overshadowed the truth and ask questions about our perceptions.
  • Read All About It

    What good is an understanding of the past if you can’t apply it to current events?
  • Gothenburg’s Children

    I’m a big fan of moving pictures and the windows they offer us on the world.
  • Visions of Light

    Moving pictures and the windows they offer us on the world.

may day

May Day

The Political Holiday The political origins of May Day, or International Workers’ Day, is intertwined…

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